Breezway Louvre Windows

Breezway Automatic Louvre Windows


Louvre Windows are becoming more popular in architecturally-designed homes largely due to a wider design selection available for all home builders. A Louvre Window will allow nearly twice as much ventilation as a Sliding Window, which can be adjusted for climate control. Louvre Windows also offer easy insect or security screening options. You can also choose between glass, metal and timber blades. Available in all Versalite Windows colour range.

Breezway are our preferred supplier for all louvre windows, providing you with a range of high quality and customisable options to suit your home, lifestyle and budget.

Tested against cyclic, salt spray, extreme temperature, humidity and electromagnetic compatibility, they are cyclone rated for wind and water and comply with AS2047 Windows in Buildings. Best of all, Breezway have combined technology and style into their industry leading Powerlouvre® range.

Altair® Powerlouvre® Window

Breezway’s Altair® Powerlouvre® Window electronically manages cross ventilation and natural airflow. Hiding a discreet, low voltage motor inside the sleek and elegant frame, Powerlouvre windows are the perfect option for tall or out-of-reach locations such as floor-to-ceiling windows.

Energy efficient, Powerlouvre uses a simple control pad to open and close the windows, with the Apptivate smartphone controller making it even easier to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature without the need for power-hungry artificial cooling systems.  Apptivate easily connects to your control panel via Bluetooth, allowing you to control the window openings directly from your phone. Not only can you remotely open and close them, the app will allow you to set your windows to open or close on a timer or automatically adjust to maintain the perfect temperature.

When fully open, the Powerlouvre allows up to 90% natural ventilation through the entire window opening. When closed, Altair Louvres seal tight to provide superior wind and water performance and offer a range of glazing options to suit Australian climates.

For more information about Breezway products, contact Versalite today or visit the Breezway website.



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