Perimeter Framed Pivot Doors

CONTOUR™ 2050 features a rounded convex profile with protruding glazing facia outer frame design.

Exceptional Value

Indulge your imagination and create an absolute premium bathroom design at a surprisingly affordable price.


Provides up to 15 mm jamb adjustment for out-of-square walls for ease of installation and further cost savings.

Handle Selections

An extensive range of handles are available in your choice of either clear acrylic, brass, aluminum powder coated, and gold or chrome plated finishes.


Components and design features combine to provide convenience and colour co-ordination.

  • Snap caps
  • Patented pivot mechanism
  • Anti-bacterial clear (i.e. frost) & colour matched glazing vinyl
  • Pivot clamp system
  • Water resistance

CONTOUR™ 2050 can be specially made to include magnetic and/or non-magnetic seal closures, maximising water splash resistance so your bathroom remains drier and safer.

Frameless Patented Pivot Mechanism

Unique pivot design allows for a totally frameless door. Utilising a stainless steel pivot pin, the CONTOUR™ 2050 Shower Screen System features a ‘positive close’ low friction design mechanism, providing the benefit of whisper-quiet and trouble free operation. The ‘lowering’ effect of the design automatically reduces the gap between door and sill on door closure, which rather assists with the minimisation of external splashing and improved water resistance.

Glass Size

Designed specifically for use with 6 mm toughened glass.

Colour Selection

CONTOUR™ 2050 showers are available in a stylish range of colours to suit your decor. Special colours available on request.

Low Maintenance

Smooth contoured profiles minimise soap and residue accumulation, reducing the need for cleaning.

Design Flexibility

CONTOUR™ 2050 Shower Screen Systems can be designed for installation into most bathrooms. Ask your distributor for advice on a design to suit your needs.


CONTOUR™ 2050 Shower Screen Systems is glazed to comply with the requirements of Australian Standards AS2208 and AS1288.

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