Stacker Doors

Stacker Doors


Versalite Stacker Doors are a multi-track sliding door with either three or six sliding panels on independent tracks. The innovative design allows you to open the door in increments, to suit your needs at the time. These doors are a great alternative to BiFold doors when space utilisation is not an issue, providing versatility in both configuration and size. 

Aluminium Framed Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are increasing in popularity in modern homes as they offer the following benefits:

  • sliding doors stack on independent tracks so they do not encroach on space
  • provide an opening that can be at least two-thirds wider than traditional sliding doors
  • require less moving parts than BiFolds
  • durable components provide for smooth operation
  • choice of either 3 or 6 panels – offering versatility for different applications
  • open your home to the outdoors and increase the spaciousness of the room
  • ideal for large spaces or for adding wall to wall doors
  • available in a range of colour options
  • can be installed in new homes or used in renovation projects.

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