Aluminium Hinged Doors

Aluminium Hinged Doors


Aluminium’s combination of strength and lightness make Versalite Windows and Doors neat and unobtrusive. Our Aluminium Hinged Doors are available in standard and custom-made sizes. If you are looking for an exact specification for your next project, contact the team at Versalite and we can discuss the available options, costs and timeframes with you directly. 

Aluminium entry door units are pre-hinged and open out to a strong, durable aluminium door jamb. They are fitted with a lever action deadlock. The doors come with a matching sidelight to add another level of detail and sophistication to your homes entrance.

Our hinged doors can open in and out. If you choose the “Open-in” door option, these are not sold as a weatherproof door and are more suitable for internal uses.

Hinged Door Advantages

Traditional hinged doors provide numerous advantages. They

  • provide for quiet operation
  • offer effective security and privacy
  • assist in the reduction of draughts
  • contribute towards efficient sound proofing
  • maximise the space in smaller areas
  • can be installed in all types of residential and commercial settings
  • deliver versatility with ease of use.
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