Product Updates

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Versalite’s Sliding Window Limiter

25 June 2020

Versalite Windows offers the DS255 sliding window limiter lock. This lock is designed to be easily installed into the top rail of the sliding window. Once installed the device restricts the sash from being opened at a predetermined distance. This lock is key operated with a removable body which can be easily removed for emergency... Read more

Our standard colour range

24 June 2020

Versalite Windows understands how important it is to stay up to date with current styles and colours. Our standard colour range offers a modern and contemporary design element to any requirement. We offer nine standard colours , colour samples available upon request. However by using only Interpon AkzoNobel powder coating specialists we are able to... Read more

Versalite Windows offers the Onyx sliding door optional hardware

9 June 2020

Versalite Windows in conjunction with our corporate partner Lockwood Assa Abloy are excited to offer the Onyx Patio Slimline handle, which can be keyed alike to all door configurations. Versalite Offers the Lockwood Blaxland patio sliding door as standard, with now the option to upgrade to the Onyx Patio Slimline handle. This range takes design... Read more

Black aluminium framed sliding doors

Effective Window Design Solutions – Consider a bold statement with Black Window Frames

30 April 2020

Contrasting window frames will offer unlimited interior and exterior design options. The black-trimmed window panes featured in this home pair well and add contrast to accentuate the architecture of the home, the overall interior design, and counterbalance rooms dominated by light-coloured walls and furniture.

Custom-Made Windows to your exact requirements

15 April 2020

Choosing the best windows for your home or commercial building requires careful consideration of many different factors. In addition to ensuring they are the right size, other factors need deliberation. Consider the initial and long-term costs, energy efficiency, as well as windows that complement the building’s architecture. We all want our windows to be aesthetically... Read more

don't underestimate the classic style of awning windows

Don’t underestimate the classic style of an Awning Window

30 March 2020

Awning windows are one of the classic styles for window treatments. Awning windows blend perfectly with both traditional and modern architecture while their slimline appearance delivers a striking look. These exceptionally designed windows open out from the bottom (supported from the top hinges), offering exclusive cover to keep the rain out while allowing air to circulate freely into your room. 

Bifold vs Sliding doors - what is better for your home?

Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors – Which are Better for Your Home?

13 March 2020

Patio doors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Homeowners that want to let in a cool breeze from the ocean or open up their bedroom space to bring in the warm Australian sunlight have many options from which to choose. Two of these options are bifold doors and sliding doors. You may... Read more

Can windows reduce your energy costs

Can windows reduce your energy costs?

28 February 2020

Your home is the one place in the world where you want to feel most comfortable. It can be challenging to adjust for weather changes, especially here in New South Wales, where our climate is influenced by multiple factors and varies across the state.  Did you know that your windows can significantly affect the temperature inside... Read more

7 great resons to choose versalite windows

7 Great reasons to choose Versalite Windows

14 February 2020

Buying new or replacement windows and doors that are right for your home or business can be a daunting and often frustrating task. With the multitude of window choices available, avoiding misleading information will result in you making a confident purchase decision. So, if you are wondering what to look for in a window manufacturer,... Read more

wardrobes make the room

Top tips for choosing wardrobe doors for your new home or renovation project

5 December 2019

If you are constructing your home or renovating your house, you will be surprised at what wardrobe doors can achieve. Selecting the right doors for your wardrobes can change the aesthetic appeal of a room and also alter your space and access. Here are the critical factors you should consider when choosing wardrobe doors.  ... Read more