Product Updates

louvre windows over bathtub with views

Advancements in Technology – Automation with Breezway’s Powerlouvre Windows

25 November 2020

More people are building smart homes that incorporate different technology features, such as automation. At Versalite Windows, we source our Powerlouvre windows from Breezway, and this enables us to provide you with high-quality and customised windows that meet your clients' needs.

Versalite Windows and Doors Valuing Partnerships

Versalite’s Award-Winning Windows and Doors Speaks to Our Partners’ Commitment to Quality 

11 November 2020

Versalite's strategic partnerships with only the best companies in the building trade set our company apart from the ordinary. Our shared sense of quality and value among our partners has earned Versalite accolades from Australia's building industry. In fact, the Design Council of Australia described our products as "good value for the money", which is just what we want to provide to our clients.

Powder Coating Aluminium Framed Doors and Windows

28 October 2020

Innovation and technology deliver an array of choice with powder coating on aluminium framed doors and windows creating custom interior & exterior designs. The colour and design choices are endless!

AGWA Compliance Certificate for Versalite Windows 2020 - 2021

Industry Compliance Window and Door Manufacturer in Australia

14 October 2020

Before acquiring custom-made windows or doors, one thing you would want to be sure of is that the product complies with the local standards. At Versalite Windows, we take this as a top priority in manufacturing high-quality aluminium windows and doors. This explains why we have received consistent industry support from the Australian Glass and Window... Read more

Energy Efficiency and Window Designs – Climate control for new home constructions

30 September 2020

Energy Efficiency and Window Designs - Did you know you have an almost endless choice when it comes to choosing windows with climate control capabilities? Whether installing new windows in your newly constructed home or replacing old ones, you will realise considerable benefits from your endeavour.

High Performance Glass Window Solutions - This modern lounge area features sliding glass stacker doors, fixed pane windows with complementing Louvre windows

High Performance Glass Window Solutions in 2020

16 September 2020

Thanks to the continued technological innovation of smart glass, Viridian's smart glass together with Versalite Windows climate control smart window design, creates the best performing windows of 2020. Make sure you choose high-performance glass windows to cover the aspects of security, aesthetics & home ambience in your next project.

benefits of aluminium windows custom designed and manufactured by versalite windows

What are the benefits of Aluminium Windows vs Timber Windows?

2 September 2020

From cost-effectiveness, energy-efficient, low cost of maintaining, & a wide range of design & colour choices, aluminium windows supersede timber windows in almost all areas.

Can windows reduce your energy costs

Australian Government Stimulus Package – What to know about the HomeBuilder Program

19 August 2020

If you are set on building the home of your dreams, why not take some time to familiarise yourself with some fantastic resources from Versalite Windows. For renovations and new builds you may be able to access the Government's HomeBuilder program.

Versanews Issue 3

11 August 2020

Did you know Versalite Windows are 100% locally owned and operated! We are constantly developing our extensive range to meet the requirements of our clients. We often get asked the following questions so have would like to share this information with to hopefully avoid your clients having concerns and you the builder knowing how to... Read more

versatile window choices

Complement your interior design with versatile window choices

5 August 2020

You never have to settle for one single window design at Versalite, mix and match your window choices and designs to blend with your interior decor and create an unmatched appeal.